Financial services are commonly considered as old and stable ones with a couple of instruments and features that works for years and are rarely changed or improved. But current progress in technologies drived by such leaders as Google, Amazon or Apple dictates it's own rules for evolution of all IT products and financial world can't just ignore this trend.

The main goal of NAX Systems is to bring most innovative solutions to all financial services, from brokerage companies to liquidity providers, from private exchange systems to banks. We stay at front of IT progress using new methods in development and server architectures as well as invent our own ones.


NAX Systems was established at February 2013 by professional team of developers and managers with 5 years experience in financial and exchange systems.


NAX Trader is a platform that strongly oriented on scalability and security.

It's architecture is based on logarithmic dependency between load growth and resourses usage so it can grow to any amount of processing operations with ease. Second thing that allows to scale platform is it's replication and distribution among servers. Only technologies that allow to perform easy and fast replication are used during development. Combining such architecture with active usage of different CDN solutions and data transfer optimization gives a scalable and stable platform as a result.

As for security, NAX Trader has two levels of firewalls, anti-spam and anti-flood modules, ports filtering and anti-DDOS configuration that exclude almost all types of attacks. Our engineers monitor a platform 24/7 and are ready to take an active action in case of any unexpected situation.